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One can handle most of the phone today. Whether checking the timetable for the bus, looking at the weather forecast or twitter, most of the time is loose with the index finger or thumb. Of course, you can also play casino on your mobile. Here, literally speaking, it becomes economically independent with a little diligence. Best of all, you do not even need to download any apps! Try a mobile casino from the list below below!

As the mobile revolution with smartphones and reading plates took over the world, it was only a matter of time before a network casino would be available on the mobile. It has become so popular that casinos on mobile phones are now as popular as their desktop counterparts with some of the providers. One of the main contributing reasons is, of course, accessibility, a point where mobile casinos can hardly be exceeded.

To test on a mobile casino, we have compiled a list of the best players listed above. Everyone is Swedish, reliable casinos who also offer a hearty welcome bonus to get you started in the best possible way. If you have not played online casino on your mobile before, we can promise that there is a new world that will open in your hand.

A new feeling

We dare to promise that gambling when playing casino games on handheld devices will feel as new as exciting. Many describe the sense of presence as something out of the ordinary and the fact that the wheels get started when touching the screen makes one think of the touch screens that Vegas vending machines and other video slots make use of at real casinos.

The graphics also differ between mobile games and casino games that are made in flash. Possibly, the mobile game really does not really come true to the flash game. But much will happen in the coming years and we would not be surprised if the mobile casino games are at least as good in a not too long time.

It is also noticeable that developers spend time getting the mobile versions to mimic their stationary counterparts as closely as possible while benefiting from the mobile platform’s strengths. Being able to play anywhere is, of course, a strong contributing factor to mobile popularity, but the way you interact with the games is also an important point. Many physical slot machines currently use touch screens that players interact with to spin the wheels. Which, of course, is the case on today’s smartphones, whether it’s Apple or Android.

On the phone, two main options are used to reach a online casino. Either download their dedicated app and play through it, or skip the entire download phase and jump directly into the casino through a web browser. Whichever method you choose, you can always be sure that the experience will not lose much compared to computers. In many cases it is even better on the phone.

Which developers are behind

The market on the mobile phone differs to some extent from that on computers. But despite that, major players like NetEnt and Microgaming can still be found here too. Especially Swedish NetEnt has recently focused hard on being able to deliver all their new games in a mobile version, something one fittingly baptized to Touch. Through Touch, one has been able to develop games of the same quality and standard as the one achieved on computers. The graphics are of the highest grade, the games are loaded fast and the games have been built to work in as many different formats as possible. That’s a lot to do, so your mobile can not start NetEnt’s game in other words.

Of course, other players do not want to be worse and challenge NetEnt in several ways. For example, Microgaming has been working hard to overcome their wide range of games to the mobile format, something that has also been done with bravur. HTML5 has become a bit of a standard for the new games that are developed nowadays. This has mainly been the way forward because it allows one to develop games that work on basically all platforms you can imagine without having to change too much. As a mobile player, you no longer have to worry that the games you long for will not be released on a platform you have access to, which of course is nice.

Casino focusing on the mobile

So many developers have got their eyes on the mobile as a worthy platform, but is it also true for all online casinos? Nowadays, of course all casinos of rank have listed that the mobile is here to stay, and sometimes it may lead to more users than any other platform. Among the most prominent in mobile casino games, we find, for example, LeoVegas, the winner of several awards for just their mobile casino. It offers over 600 slot games to the iPhone from a number of industry’s largest players. You will most likely find your favorite among this offer.

Some of you will be happy when you hear that they also provide access to gambling live directly on your mobile, all in HD. LeoVegas recommends using their app for the best possible experience, but there should be no problem going through the browser instead.

A nice thing is that you will also have access to lots of progressive jackpot games through the phone on basically all casinos that also offer it on their desktop version. So if you feel like winning really big while sitting on the bus, there’s nothing that hurts you, apart from possibly your internet access.

Exclusive bonus offers

Another advantage of testing on the mobile casino of the casino you usually play is that many share individual welcome bonuses for mobile games. This means that in many cases you can enjoy both the “regular” welcome offer and the welcome offer for mobile devices. Of course this is not just the first offer, but you subscribe to newsletters and the like, you can have many mobile campaigns in addition to the campaigns that apply to the computer version.

You may want to take a look at our reviews to get a hum about what to expect from a casino regarding mobile phone bonuses. With so many players involved in the game there is a chance that you will find something that fits you in the taste, especially because we can offer you exclusive offers you can not find anywhere else through our partnerships. First of all, it will be about free spins and deposit bonuses, a standard for online casino bonuses, which also applies to the mobile.


The mobile entry has not only revolutionized our daily lives, but also the way we play casino. Many players have already won several millions and become financially independent via games on the mobile. Who knows, next time maybe it’s your turn? If you have not taken advantage of the mobile casino revolution, it’s high time you do it now. All that remains for us is therefore just wishing a good luck on the way to the winnings!

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